Sunday, 27 May 2012

On my wishlist right now: Frieda and Nellie bracelets

"While traveling in Ecuador in late 2009 Herzog and Reid were inspired by the diverse array of intricate knotted friendship bracelets and were instantly reminded of their friendship bracelet making days at summer camp."

I love these Frieda and Nellie bracelets. I first saw the two friends on The Glitter Guide (there are some fab photos of them like the one above), and fell in love with the combination of vintage rhinestones and colourful friendship bracelets. Unfortunately they are a bit out of my budget but if I won the lottery right now (fingers crossed), these would be the first I'd buy...

Frieda's - Boardwalk Express

Frieda's - Ravashing Rodea

Frieda's - A Rose By Any Other Name

Metal Mamas - Silver Lining

Nellie's - Tap Dance Queen


  1. I did not know about your blog and is so cute!! what about following eachother? i'm following you now..

    1. Thanks, following you now too, really cute blog :)

  2. Your blog is so inspiring! :) I am in love with all your pictures! :)

    Regards from germany. :)